Baker’s Cyst Natural Treatment Methods


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A Baker cyst is a swelling that generally appears around the joints and tendons in the knee and is usually often painful. (See Baker cysts)

Baker’s cysts are easily diagnosed, as they are visible and pliable to the touch. During the physical examination, your doctor may apply pressure to the cyst to test for tenderness or discomfort. He or she may try to shine a light through the cyst to determine if it’s a solid mass or filled with fluid. Depending on the severity and location of the cyst, your doctor might may also recommend, Xx-rays, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – to rule out other conditions, such as arthritis or a tumor. MRIs and ultrasounds also can also locate hidden (occult) cysts.

From The U. S. National Library Of Medicine

Studies have shown that without treatment for the Baker’s cyst it could cause damage to the knee and pain.

Cyst-like lesions of the knee joint and their relation to incident knee pain and development of radiographic osteoarthritis: The MOST study for full details

A Baker’s cyst is not a true cyst, but a fluid collection in the semimembranosus – Fluid. We did not find significant associations between Baker’s cyst of any grade and development of incident pain. Baker’s cysts can be asymptomatic, so their presence alone is unlikely to be the cause of OA-related pain. Based on results of a recent study which reported that joint effusion predicts cartilage loss in knees without treatment of the Baker’s cyst.


Release Free’s Theory:

Release Free’s theory for the high rate of recurrence after aspiration or surgery is that the Baker’s cyst core (nucleus) is left behind. The nucleus of the Baker cyst imbeds itself in and around nerves and tendons making it almost impossible for the surgeon to extract the cyst in its entirety, leaving behind the nucleus of the Baker’s cyst. The nucleus is similar to a weed which, if not extracted in its entirety, has a 40 to 50% chance of growing back.

The only way to ensure total extraction is to remove it from the inside, from the nucleus. That is how B-Relief works. It is designed to gently reinforce your metabolism and immune system, effectively dissolving your Baker’s cyst into your blood stream at its very core. You feel it work right away.