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What is B-Relief®

B-Relief is a 100% natural alternative treatment for Baker cyst by Lee Macklin  medical researcher of The Study Of Metabolic Pathways (Metabolism), TCM (simplified Chinese medicine) Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Western Herbal and vitamins in Canada and the United states.

B-Relief is being used by many thousands of people around the world each year and continues to provide natural relief from Ganglion cyst and Baker’s cyst.

My name is Lee Macklin medical researcher of The Study Of Metabolic Pathways (Metabolism), TCM (simplified Chinese medicine) Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Western Herbal and vitamins in Canada and the United states. The fact that you are considering using B-Relief means that you already understand how painful and hard it can be to effectively treat Ganglion cyst and Baker’s cyst pain, inflammation and swelling.

In his twenties, Lee Macklin, an amateur gymnast, developed a ganglion cyst on his wrist. Afraid that his future as an athlete might be coming to an end before it had even begun, he sought out the top physicians. In one doctor’s office, the physician began massaging the ganglion cyst. Shooting pain ran up and down Lee’s arm. Suddenly, to his amazement, Lee noticed that the specialist also had a bump on his wrist. Lee immediately asked him what it was. The specialist responded “it’s a ganglion cyst. Some disappear over time, others are more difficult and need surgery, but even after surgery they often come back. You just learn to live with it.”

Macklin, having studied  S. MSc in Pharmacognosy and complementary medicine, decided that he was interested neither in surgery nor in learning to live with the cyst, and he set about studying ganglion cysts. Today, Release Free is sold worldwide. It works to naturally assist the body to dissolve the cyst from the inside out, without the need for surgery.

“I know exactly how it feels to have a ganglion cyst, but I also know the feeling of having it disappear, never to return again. This was our beginning.” – Lee Macklin

A Revolutionary System

Committed to providing premium healthcare products with excellence

Release Free is committed to providing premium quality healthcare products and has been dedicated to doing so for 25 years now, developing and manufacturing our products on a best practices basis.

·        A blended fusion of vitamins and the finest herbs

Sourced from around the world, we use only ingredients that meet our exacting standards for potency and purity.

·        Produced in a high-spec, sterile environment

Our products are produced in a cool, dark, high-spec environment in order to preserve potency and freshness.

·        Continuously striving to deliver products of unrivaled excellence

Our first responsibility is to our customers, who we view as our community.



  • 1980 – Experimenting and studying martial arts and TCM (simplified Chinese medicine) Di Chn Chai
  • 1990 – Researching the effects of combining North American herbs and vitamins
  • 1993 – Diagnosed with a ganglion cyst. Formulated the G Relief supplement and the cyst vanished after 2 weeks.
  • 1995 – Started Extensive medical research of The Metabolic Pathways (Metabolism)
  • 1998 – Started to excel and heal clients with my supplements from Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Western Herbal and vitamins in Canada and the United states.
  • 2005 – Started importing herds from around the world for my supplements
  • 2007 -  Began expanding and selling coast to coast
  • 2009 – Started experimenting with alleviating fear from our lives as a form of health treatment.
  • 2011 – Established Release Free and started selling G Relief world wide.
  • 2013 – Researching new methods of improving G Relief and new products soon to be released.

Take Action Now

By taking action right away, you are not allowing the ganglion cyst (Baker’s cyst) to imbed its self.

It is almost impossible to remove the ganglion cyst in its entirety externally (Surgery, or a Patch). It must be removed internally from the inside dissolving the roots at the nucleus so it will not return.

G Relief worked for me and I believe it will  work for you. – Lee Macklin